Stageline SL100

Hydraulic Mobile Stage (7.3 x 6.1m)

Peak Audio is proud and excited to introduce the first Stageline SL Series professional mobile trailer stage to NZ.

With over 30 years in the staging industry, Stageline (Montreal, Canada) has earned the reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of hydraulic mobile stages.

Ultra fast and easy with fully hydraulic set up, the 2018 generation SL 100 stage is newly improved in design and performance.

Ideal for small to medium sized outdoor events, with the ability to extend the stage size as required. Wings at either side of the front are ideal for cultural performances, choirs and larger bands.


Over 35 years of refinement in design and engineering.

Hydraulically levelled, – the reinforced deck and chassis can support 732 kg/m2.
24 built in roof rigging points (680kg capacity) and side sound array / screen rigging, supports totally 5170kg.

Engineer certified and based on IBC (International Building Code for temporary structures) for structural design and rigging capacity.

Built and tested with the highest load rigging design criteria in the industry – up to two times the permitted load.

Hard shelled roof structure.


Safe at all times, reliable in all conditions.

Highest wind resistance in the industry. 185 km/hr (115 mpr) without and 123 km/hr (77 mph) with rain proof, fire retardant, vinyl, full height windwalls. Wind meter attached to the roof.

Sound, lighting and banners are set up at ground or deck levels. No tools or additional lifting equipment required for installation. The roof is raised and lowered hydraulically with double mast mechanism.

Reference to stage failures and why hiring a stage with the highest wind rating is so important:

Weather protection

It’s sturdy windwalls can resist high winds, protect gear, talent and crew even under the most demanding outdoor situations.

“We just took 75 mph winds, golf ball size hail and 4 inches of rain in 30 minutes and the entire event space is devastated with tents broken everywhere. The only thing I’m not having to deal with right now, is an absolutely pristine SL100 standing proud in the middle of it. Thanks for giving me one less thing to worry about.”

Jeff Krebs
Epicenter Productions, Texas

Windwalls can be extended from the stage middle to the front edge with black weatherproof scrim to completely weather protect three sides (scrim reduces sightline impairment).

Choose between black vinyl & scrim for rear windwall.


Set up time of 0.30 to 1 hour for two crew depending on optional extras.

“We’ve done literally thousands of deployments with the SL100 >and you can put it in some really remarkable places. Typically, our installation only takes between 35 and 40 minutes.”

Dolph Federico

Pelican Events, New Orleans

Ideal for street carnivals where road closures impose rigging time restrictions.

Labour and crew are reduced by 75 to 90% compared to constructed stages, thus reducing hire price.

No need to outsource expensive support structures for sound and lighting – all incorporated.


Preparation of Health and Safety plans by event organisers a breeze with New Zealand Engineer PS1 Certification for both structural and rigging capacities.

Totally self standing, the stage does not need to be secured with ballast and cables to maintain its stability and structural integrity.

No site preparation or heavy machinery required.

“SL100 is defacto a standard in the industry. Everyone of professional note use Stageline. I wanted that bulletproof proven
technology, workmanship, and engineering. Stageline’s SL100 changed my life!”

Laurence Sheldon
Big Ear Audio, California


Maximum visibility / banner space to showcase your event.

We can have your banner designed and manufactured. We can also organise a rear LED screen with live camera & visuals, including event & sponsor logos, with one of our industry partners.

The SL100 Offers Maximum Banner Space to Showcase Your Event

  1. Top banner 11m x 1.2m or 7.3m x 1.2m
  2. 2 Side banners 1.8m x 5m
  3. Backdrop 7.1m x 4m
  4. Skirt 12.2m x 1.4m


Multiple deck configurations ranging from bandshell to a full professional sized stage, to suit your needs.

Standard 7.3M x 6.1M.

Standard with Sound Wings 2.44M x 2.44M (12.2M wide).

Standard with Sound Wings & 1.22M x 12.2 at the front.

Front lighting bars, supporting 317kg, can be extended 0.84m beyond the front of roof for superior angled lighting, and also to illuminate the top banner.

Option of stairs or ramp, complete with safety handrails, for wheelchair or equipment loading access. Stairs can be located at any point on any side of the stage.

Permanently mounted side rigging trusses, with a 680 kg capacity each side for sound array and screen rigging. Deployed in seconds.


Side Elevation

Why the Industry Chooses Stageline

  • Over 20,000 events per year in over 48 countries. 30 years of innovation. Safest and most wind resistant in the industry.
  • Internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification.
  • Environmentally responsible
    All products are manufactured in Stageline’s state of the art LEED® certified facility integrating the latest environmental technologies.
  • Award-winning
    Our company and products have achieved high acclaim in the industry and have won several engineering and event industry awards.

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