Stageline SL100

What Makes the Stageline SL100 So Impressive?

In the world of mobile stage solutions, few options offer the level of versatility and quality that you will find with the Stageline SL100. At Peak Audio Productions, we are proud to add the SL100 to our line-up of equipment available for hire. This towable stage has a range of incredible features and uses powerful built-in hydraulics to expand and collapse the stage during setup. When you need a performance space on demand, we have the solution you need.

A History of the SL100 Stage

Want to know more about the hardware and its story? Take a quick look at how this fantastic staging solution came to be:

  • Stageline got its start more than 30 years ago, designing mobile stages for use on a massive scale. Recognising a need in the market for performance spaces that were easy to transport to short-term events such as festivals, the company set out to develop hydraulic stages that would be easier to operate and require less crew to set up and re-pack.
  • After working on a large scale for many years, Stageline recognised there were smaller event venues that could also benefit from these technologies. Thus, the SL series was born — a range of stages that are easier to tow and ideal for events with small to medium-size stage requirements. Over the years, Stageline has continued to improve upon this line, developing it into the industry-leading product that it is today.
  • The Stageline SL100 is the latest advancement in the company’s hydraulic mobile stages. Built tough to withstand even heavy-duty usage over multiple sites, it is easy for a small crew to handle both setup and teardown procedures thanks to the rich technology inside the SL100.

Little Known Facts About the SL100 Stage

Did you know?

  • The SL100 stage’s rigging can support overall loads of more than 5,000 kilograms. With the ability to load the rigging on the ground and then raise it into place, setting up speaker systems for robust, stunning audio performance is easier than ever.
  • The SL100 can come up with windwalls that reach the full height of the stage and attach on all three sides, creating a rainproof performance area. Don’t cancel your event on account of rain when everyone can still gather while the performers keep themselves and their equipment dry. The stage also features one of the highest wind resistance ratings on the market today.
  • It is possible to tow the SL100 with nothing more than a standard ute. After collapsing down, the stage is a self-contained sealed unit that is lightweight enough for easy towing.

These facts speak to a simple truth: the SL100 is the right stage for many events.

Why Peak Audio Productions is the Best Choice for a Mobile Stage for Hire

At Peak Audio Productions, we have a wealth of experience in event production, and our team has a deep understanding of how to work with the SL100 effectively. Our crews are always on time and will have your stage prepared and ready to go well in advance of your event, all with cost-effective and friendly service. Say hello today to discuss bringing our SL100 for hire to your event.