Stage Hire

Turn Any Event Into a Showpiece with Stage Hire in Wellington

An important component of many events involving entertainment is stage hire. Peak Audio Productions offers a number of options when it comes to stage hire in Wellington.

Benefits of Stage Hire in New Zealand with Peak Audio Productions

It’s the finer details of an event that determines its success. People often remember an occasion that was professionally done and aesthetically pleasing. One of those important components is selecting the correct stage for your event. It may appear a minor thing to consider, but it has the potential to make a massive impact and provides several benefits for your function.

  • Safety & Weather Protection. If you are planning an outside event it is crucial to ensure you hire a stage with high wind resistance levels and is rain proof, fire proof, has a wind meter attached to the roof, as well as full height windwalls for high wind resistance and to protect your crew and gear from poor weather.
  • Strength. It is important you are able to trust your stage at all times. Whether you are going to be the person on it, or off it, the strength of a stage needs to be considered in relation to what kind of event you are holding, who or what will be using the stage and whether or not the stage will be outdoors or indoors. Peak Audio Productions’ Stageline SL100 stage is an example of a stage that adheres to a high standard of not only safety and weather protection, but is also engineer certified on IBC for structural design and rigging capacity.
  • Fast & Easy. It is important to allow time to set up the stage you hire prior to your event. Depending on the type of stage, assembly times will vary. Peak Audio Production stages take between thirty minutes and an hour to create, making them very convenient for a broader range of events, given that they can be set up last minute if necessary.

What to Expect from Peak Audio Productions Regarding Stage Hire

We provide stage solutions to clients all across Wellington, New Zealand. Our stages are of the highest quality and we’ve supplied them for community events, schools, churches, music festivals and more. If you’re wondering which stage would best suit your event, we’ve put together some information to make the stage selection process a little easier for you.

  • For smaller events, we recommend our Big Rig stage. This is the 6m x 5m mobile truck that we take anywhere. Setup time is minimal which makes it perfect for events that have a starting time constraint. It includes a carpeted floor, rear curtains and lighting bars and is ideal for lighting rigging. Front trussing and roof extension are optional if there’s inclement weather expected.
  • Our pride and joy is the Stageline SL100™. This stage is best suited to small to medium-sized outdoor events and has the ability to be extended with wings on either side, which is ideal for performances involving choirs and stage bands in particular. The stage is engineer-certified based on the International Building Code for temporary structures and has NZ PS1 Engineering Certification as well.
  • If neither of the above options suit your event, why not consider modular stage hire? With multiple arrangements on offer, as well as adjustable height, you can create a stage of up to 5 x 6m. This particular staging is ideal for instrumental risers and is simple to construct.

About Peak Audio Productions

We have over two decades of experience in providing sound, stage and lighting solutions to clients all around Wellington. We aim to ensure your event is a success through our professionalism. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional service.

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