Speaker Hire

Speaker Hire

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Whether you’re hosting an event, organising a wedding or celebrating a milestone, you need to consider speaker hire so that you can bring the day to life with music. At Peak Music Productions, we’ve provided a sound system hire service to clients in Wellington for over 20 years, making us one of the area’s longest-established companies in our industry. Learn more about PA system hire by reading below.

What You Should Know about PA System Hire

Given that PA hire adds to the cost of setting up an event, you need to take care when choosing who to hire from, which is why we’ve detailed a few things you should know about PA system rental below:

  • Not all PA systems are the same: If this is the first time you’ve planned an event, you might assume all you need is a couple of microphones and some speakers to add music to the day. In reality, the equipment you’ll require depends on the size of your event, the venue, what sounds you need to produce and more. Do your homework or consult with a professional before hiring a PA system.
  • Setting up your gear may take longer than you anticipate: If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, installing your PA system could prove challenging and time-consuming. You also might create potential hazards accidentally. You might be better off partnering with a rental company that also offers installation services. Whatever you need, you can count on us.
  • You should hire somebody that offers more than just portable PA system hire: You’ll need more than just sound and music to bring your event to life. You may need a mobile stage and a touch of lighting. Call us, and we’ll detail our various lighting options and stage-building capabilities.

The Importance of Portable PA Hire

Thanks to PA hire, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment that you might only use once or twice. Instead, you can pay a fraction of the purchase cost on a rental, saving you money while providing the following benefits:

  • Professionalise your event: Hire a quality sound system, and you’ll show yourself in your best light, whether you’re a keynote speaker or the host. You need to pull out all the stops when organising an event aimed at impressing clients or promoting a product.
  • Free up time to focus on other tasks: Hire somebody to determine the best PA system for your needs and handle the installation, and you’ll have one less task to handle. As mentioned above, setting up a PA system can take a long time without the required experience and training.
  • Don’t buy outright when you can rent: If you host events infrequently, you can save much money by hiring a sound system rather than buying one. Moreover, rent your solution from us, and you won’t have to set anything up or pack anything away. Our professionals will do it for you to make your life less complicated.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for PA Hire

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when hiring a PA system in Wellington:

  • Partner with an experienced professional: It takes decades of experience to master the art of setting up a PA system to suit any venue perfectly. With the right equipment and planning, even environments with poor acoustics can become the perfect settings for quality entertainment.
  • Always ask about installation guarantees: If hiring somebody to set up your equipment, you need to know they’ll do it correctly and in time. We’ve been operating for nearly 25 years. You can feel confident we know what we’re doing.
  • Obtain an accurate quote upfront: You need to keep a strict budget in mind when planning an event, so make sure you choose a company for sound hire in Wellington that provides honest quotations. At Peak Audio Productions, we aim to be the best value company in our industry.

Tips for Planning PA Speaker Hire

Thanks to having worked in our industry for over two decades, there’s nothing we don’t know about PA hire. Here are a few pointers to help you set up the right system correctly and enhance your event:

  • Know where your guests will be: Will there be dozens or hundreds of people at your event? If it’s a large outdoor celebration, where will you seat your guests? You need to carefully consider the layout of your event to set up the sound system correctly.
  • Think about what you need to display at your event: Do you need a PA system capable of delivering the sounds of several instruments to a crowd of thousands? Or, do you just need a high-quality microphone for speeches? Tell us your needs, and we’ll recommend the best solutions.
  • Ask for advice: Never be afraid to ask questions when it comes to sound hire in Wellington. You should work with a professional with whom you feel comfortable. Call us, and we’ll be ready to put your mind at ease no matter what questions you have.

Why Peak Audio Productions Is Your Best Choice for PA Hire in Wellington

For high-value prices, in-depth industry knowledge and exceptional customer service, look no further than Peak Audio Productions. We’ve proudly served Wellington since before the turn of the new millennium, making us the obvious choice for all your sound requirements. Call us today for more information.