Event Lighting

Crafting Event Lighting to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Without appropriate event lighting, you aren’t only leaving those on stage in the dark — you make it harder for those in the crowd to enjoy the occasion fully. From charity events to concerts, good lighting makes all the difference, but it isn’t solely about making sure that you illuminate those on stage. With a good setup, you can transform the entire experience people have at your event. Done properly, the lighting should be a seamless part of your event. People may only notice the overall effect of good lighting, but bad lighting is easy to spot. By bringing Peak Audio Productions into your event, you can hire all the gear you need for an unforgettable event.

What You Should Know About Lighting Hire in Wellington

When making the arrangements for your event, determining the best solution requires several stages of consideration. Some of the important things to keep in mind include:

  • There’s more to this process than simply hiring the concert lights themselves. There is associated hardware to consider, too, for controlling the lights and sequencing them — arguably a task just as important as positioning the lighting.
  • Good lighting goes beyond making the participants on stage visible; it should set the mood and tone for your event and enhance the activities taking place on stage. Mixing and matching different colours and different lamp types are essential tasks for achieving such a goal.
  • Choose to work with a team that can provide a complete service to support your event from start to finish. At Peak Audio Productions, we coordinate with our clients and stay in close contact to ensure everything is ready for showtime.

Creative Ways to Use Outdoor Event Lighting

If good lighting is about more than turning them on and pointing them at the stage, what are some of the things you could do with them? A few creative ideas might include:

  • Use lights, especially coloured LEDs, for dramatic effect during performances such as an outdoor theatre performance. Cast shades of red during a dramatic scene, soft blues for others, and more.
  • Sync lighting to music and create a multimedia show that combines light and sound for an overall experience that is more impressive and memorable. It is hard to overstate how much well-timed lighting adds to a performance.
  • Turn some lights on the crowd to create a more interesting visual effect or use wash lights for bathing the entire stage in an even glow of colour that changes based on what’s happening during your event.

Want additional insight on lighting your event? Our experienced team is ready to provide advice and guidance on your event.

Why Trust Peak Audio Productions Regarding Concert Lights?

At Peak Audio Productions, we’ve supported regional events, both small and large, for more than two decades. During that time, we’ve developed a reputation for exceptional quality, the latest equipment, and a team that works easily with all venues. Illuminate your event so your guests can see it the way you envisioned. Contact us for assistance with a stage lighting hire today.