Mobile Stage

A Safe Mobile Stage Becomes the Prominent Feature in Most Public Events

Need assistance with a stage? Peak Audio Productions has years of experience in mobile stage hire. We have 25 years of knowledge and skills to share under the guidance of Trevor Faulknor.

What You Should Know About a Mobile Concert Stage

Finding the perfect stage to host your event can be challenging. There are various factors to consider, including the following:

  • A mobile band stage is mostly suitable for outdoor events, so it is vital to consider the terrain. Not all venues are easily accessible, and this fact may influence the setup of your stage. We offer various stage solutions to help you overcome this challenge.
  • Stage size is another consideration. Stages are available in various sizes, and when your stage is too small or too large for an event, it can lead to significant concerns. Our modular stages can be the perfect solution to this challenge.
  • Another influential factor is how much time you have to set up the stage. Some stages take much longer to set up than others. If your time is limited, the best solution might be our Stageline SL100. This stage is the latest edition to our portfolio with a built-in hydraulic system that allows for quick setup. We can also adjust the size of the stage according to your needs.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for a Portable Concert Stage

When you hire your first-ever portable mobile stage, the project can be daunting. These simple steps will give you direction:

  • When planning your event, you should take note of the season. Mid-November to the end of March is the busiest time for events, and it tends to be when outdoor events perform well. This fact also means that you might have to book far in advance to be sure that you get the stage you want.
  • Weather protection is another feature to consider. You might have scheduled your event during the perfect season, but weather can be fickle. Sometimes, we are surprised by what the weather brings us last-minute, so you need to be prepared. Weather shielding is an essential addition to your stage. Consider what kind of protection your stage will give against the elements.
  • Pricing needs to meet your budget. Find out exactly what you will be getting in return for what you are paying. Unanticipated extras should never add to your bill without your knowledge and hurt your budget. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service while keeping you informed of cost expectations along the way.

When you keep these considerations in mind, you will immediately feel more confident in making your choice for a concert stage partner.

What Makes Peak Audio Productions a Reputable Service?

Peak Audio Productions brings so much more than a premium stage to you to help ensure your event is a success in any season. We have years of success in stage-planning, and we gladly share our wisdom and insights with you. Contact us now and tell us about your stage requirements.